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Silver Billet® All Metal Polish

Silver Billet® All Metal Polish

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Silver Billet is the perfect all metal polish. It removes minor scratches and dullness. It restores the sparkle and shine to Aluminum, Brass, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Magnesium, Pewter, Silver, and Stainless Steel. Silver Billet cleans plastic headlights and restores the clear, bright appearance. Safe for painted surfaces.

Directions: Shake well before using. For best results, apply to a cool surface. Apply a small amount with a clean, dry cloth or buffing tool and rub on surface until the towel becomes black. Buff to high gloss shine. For badly tarnished or oxidized surfaces repeat if necessary. Once the surface is polished, protect it and enhance the shine with Hi-Lustre Nano Carnauba Spray Wax.

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