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Finish It

Finish It

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Finish It is an ultra-fine polishing compound designed to remove minor scratches, swirls, spider webs and light oxidation. The final step in polishing to get an absolutely flawless finish. A perfect follow up to Perfect Cut. The combination of Perfect Cut and Finish It should be all you need for most paint corrections. Contains no silicone, no wax, and no fillers.

Directions: Hand: Apply a small amount to a soft cloth and rub on the surface until the scratches are removes. Wipe off residue. Rotary Polisher: Apply a small amount to the surface. Buff with a wool or foam pad at a low rpm. Slightly tilt up the pad and buff from side to side to remove scratches. Wipe off residue. DA or Orbital Polisher: Apply a small amount to the surface and polish until swirls are removed. Wipe off residue.

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