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Ceramic Spray Coating

Ceramic Spray Coating

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Ceramic Spray Coating is a water based, S102 infused formula. It provides a superior high gloss shine and a super hydrophobic coating. It's easy-to-use spray and wipe application. It will protect your car against dirt, mud, water, industrial fallout, and more. Recommended for all painted surfaces, glass, headlights, chrome, plastic trim, and rims. Ceramic Spray particles have phenomenal surface coverage that penetrate deep and protect the surface for 12 months. Perfect for all colors. Exceptional on black vehicles.

Directions: For best results, wash the surface with Hi-Lustre Wash & Shine to remove any loose dirt, grease, and road grime. Remove embedded industrial fallout with a Paint Correction Pad. Polish the surface with Hi-Lustre Finish-It Fine Polishing Compound to eliminate swirls. Apply in the shade on a cool surface. Spray Hi-Lustre Ceramic Coating onto the surface and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber. Surface is dry to the touch immediately and fully cures in 24-48 hours. Do not wash car until fully cured.

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